Imprint’AL Adorable Life‘ is produced by:

Anna Pianka

business adress on request

phone: +49 (89) 120 3 7979


Verantwortliche i.S.v. § 55 Abs. 2 des Rundfunkstaatsvertrages: Anna Pianka


NOTE: This imprint applies mutatis mutandis to my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts as well as any domains (cnames, aliases) under which ‚AL Adorable Life‘ is available.

1. Disclaimer This blog contains links to external websites. I assume no liability for these sites and their content. If these linked websites contain any illegal content, I will remove the respective links as soon as I have relevant information. The contents of this blog are my personal views and opinions (otherwise they will be indicated). Therefore, I do’t take any liability for such interpretations, opinions or any ensuing actions.

2. Copyright All the published texts and pictures on this blog are personal and intellectual property and are protected by copyright (unless otherwise indicated and linked). Publications of my content on other external sites, as well as other use of the written texts and taken pictures here (eg. reproduction, copying, etc.), assume my written permission. My permission can be obtained via my e-mail address below. Any publication of my content is otherwise expressly forbidden. This provisions are made expressly for past entries, as well as for future appearing. Appropriate legal consequences of infringement are reserved.

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